Jim aka das uber gammler

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Jim aka das uber gammler

Post  Das Uber Gammler on Sun Nov 21 2010, 08:31

You know the tale of the ancient mariner? Well, I am the ancient gamer. [Okay, so Bill the cigar man is older, if the cigar's ain't got him yet...]
I'm just a forum member at present (a lurker in the dark?)
I'm mostly roleplay (should that be rollplay). I've GM'd Runequest 2 and Call of Cthulhu amongst others; played a lot of others, read more rules for games never played. [ever hear of Crimefighter or Heroes?]

Boardgames: played a lot by GDW, Task Force Games, Avalon Hill and SPI, even still own some. [anyone interested in Air Superiority, Assault or Tac Air?]

I had a minor stroke in '02 so, if I get a round to GMing again, you'll have to forgive the memory blanks and aphasia; I'm also partially deaf so if you say something and get a weird response, I've likely misheard (or my brain's speech deciphering centre has SNAFU'd again) Big Grin

I like the look of Arkham and hope to see you all there. Beer

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Das Uber Gammler

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Re: Jim aka das uber gammler

Post  cthulhubruce on Sun Nov 21 2010, 19:36

welcome jim, right at roleplaying lol. dont worry about memory blanks - some of us have bother remembering to turn up or what day it is anyhoo; enjoy the forums mate hope you get a game together soon.

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Re: Jim aka das uber gammler

Post  Neil on Tue Nov 23 2010, 08:31

welcome to the forum dude

Neil (Neil)
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Re: Jim aka das uber gammler

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