December Releases and Malifaux News

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December Releases and Malifaux News

Post  Velsharoon on Fri Dec 10 2010, 11:14

The big news is that a free pdf with all the basic rules, fully faqed and errated will be available for free in the new year. All I can say is : AWESOME

I love printing out rules and not having my rulebook wrecked via gaming (SOTR is falling apart from overuse and poor binding...)

You can buy it in colour with illustrations for a measly sum to but since i have both rulebooks I will be sticking to the pdf.

This is great news for newcomers as pdf and a starter crew and your ready to play.

Decembers releases are....

There is something for everyone here, ofc I have my eye on the shikome but if your looking to get your hands on something funky Lucius is pretty cool.

Hopefully these pics might tickle your fancy.

Remember if anyone wants a game just give me a shout.

Andrew (Velsharoon)
AGC Malifaux Co-ordinator

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Re: December Releases and Malifaux News

Post  Neil on Fri Dec 10 2010, 20:15

Looking the part as always, malifaux sculptors have really put out some great looking mini's, the friekorps look awesome, think they might have to be my next purchase!

And a free download of the rules! That kicks ass, means I can save that money for something else now, giving away rules is the way forward

Neil (Neil)
AGC Head of Wargaming

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