SOTR painting competition

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SOTR painting competition

Post  weeivor on Wed Jan 12 2011, 08:18


Just noticed this on the SOTR forum and i know i have seen Arkhamites with much better paint jobs!!

Would encourage some of the guys to enter Big Grin is the forum link. If you have not joined you need to do so before entering.

Also introduce yourself on the introductions board (and mention Arkham!)

Stand AT Ease!

Ivor (weeivor)
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Re: SOTR painting competition

Post  Velsharoon on Wed Jan 12 2011, 12:03

Hmm I suppose I could enter nika or something, but ostmanns and anatolias are damn good.

Andrew (Velsharoon)
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Re: SOTR painting competition

Post  Ironwolf on Wed Jan 12 2011, 17:23

I'll be entering I'm just putting the last bits of paint onto black jack then I'll post a pick

Rick (Ironwolf)
AGC Secrets of the Third Reich Co-ordinator

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Re: SOTR painting competition

Post  odinswolf on Thu Jan 13 2011, 01:03

there's not much competition so far so I might give a model a blast :)

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Re: SOTR painting competition

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