New Releases -Ordenstaat of Teutonic Knights, Sophotects and Yaogat Strike Infantry

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New Releases -Ordenstaat of Teutonic Knights, Sophotects and Yaogat Strike Infantry Empty New Releases -Ordenstaat of Teutonic Knights, Sophotects and Yaogat Strike Infantry

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The Order of the Teutonic Knights of Saint Mary of Jerusalem was created by papal bull on the eve of the NeoColonial Wars. Their mission was to be the spearhead of the Holy Church in border and contested territories, defending the sacred rights of the Christian Church through force of arms. The Teutons were initially stationed on Paradiso, where they were involved in the NeoColonial Wars, and later distinguished themselves against the forces of the alien Combined Army. It is unusual to see Teutons outside of Paradiso, though gossip about them has spread across the Sphere. Word is that they are gloomy and somewhat savage, that their operational base is on the Northern front, far from their command center, and that they protect alone the frontier line. It’s also said that the Teutonic Knights are characterized by an unshakeable faith and outrageous warlike fervor, the most fanatical of troops in combat. To maintain its high prestige, the discipline of the Order is distinguished by its strictness. Their members receive the best physical training, greatly valuing hand-to-hand combat. The goal of any member of the Order is glory in combat. The Teutonic Knights fight like desperate men, for whom danger doesn’t exist. They greet the enemy with a close-up burst and then, without missing a beat, jump on them with swords and rifle butts. They attack with such fury and frenzy that anyone witnessing it would say they are a bunch of enraged madmen.

New Releases -Ordenstaat of Teutonic Knights, Sophotects and Yaogat Strike Infantry 277_TeutonicKnightSpitfireWeb

The Sophotects are technical support and immediate reaction medical operatives. They are designed, trained and equipped to keep ALEPH’s personnel and equipment working both during their own and combined operations. Their original designation was Rbhu, the minor Vedic gods of great wisdom and ability, but the nickname they have received is Sophotect (The Classical Greek name for “Wisdom Creator”). Sophotects are based on the Deva model Lhosts, into which they download Aspects knowledgeable in medicine, arms, engineering, and military electronics. They act as an immediate support unit and are in charge of CasEvac operations in conflictive environments, including special contingency missions. Sophotects are specialists in combat surgery as well as equipment maintenance and structural demolitions. They can operate individually, in their own units, or combined with other special operation forces. A Sophotect team is the basic support element for the tactical special forces of ALEPH. To be able to carry out their duties, they are equipped with an expensive Mother-Forge, a highly sophisticated device that allows them to program military and medical nanotechnology. Thanks to it, they are able repair men, weaponry and equipment equally, at any time and under any conditions. The control program of the Mother-Forge is linked with the Comlog-mind of each Sophotect, and they are the only one able to operate it. Mother-Forges are one of the most coveted technological devices of the Sphere and require special security measures. Improper disconnection, without application of correct protocols, causes its automatic isolation and destruction. Sophotects will defend their Mother-Forges with their lives - and that of others, if needed.

New Releases -Ordenstaat of Teutonic Knights, Sophotects and Yaogat Strike Infantry 281_SophotectsWeb

The Yaogat Strike Infantry is an elite assault unit with the ability to execute commando-type operations. The Yaogat are ready to mobilize in high risk scenarios, specializing in Search and Maximum Damage Destruction operations. Their operating role consists of locating, identifying, harassing and eliminating enemy advanced or infiltrated forces through assault operations and Direct Actions. The Yaogat also secure combat zones and ensure they are clear of enemies and hidden dangers. They are deployed as Close Precision Engagement units, operating as counter-sniper teams. Their task is to detect and neutralize hidden snipers, and other camouflaged hostile elements, before they can contact any Supremacy forces.

New Releases -Ordenstaat of Teutonic Knights, Sophotects and Yaogat Strike Infantry 280_YaogatSniperWeb

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