New Releases - Order Sergeants, Kurgat Regiment of Assault Engineers and Carlota Kowalsky

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New Releases - Order Sergeants, Kurgat Regiment of Assault Engineers and Carlota Kowalsky

Post  Neil on Sun Feb 20 2011, 10:08

Order Sgts

The Military Orders have small, select regiments of light infantry to support the actions of their knights in combat. In crusading times, these reduced units are filled with experienced PanOceanian volunteers, attracted to action, faith and glory. Their organizational structure is the same as any other military unit, with the proviso that command of the detachment is always held by a Father-Officer of the Order. The regiments of Brother Sergeants form a core of experienced veterans who, as men at arms expert in various military specialties, reinforce the Order’s line troops. In the operative organization chart, Sergeant Specialists carry out tactical support, or advanced force functions, as required by the specifications of a mission. It is quite a sight to see Sergeants on a transport heading straight for battle. While the more fervent believers chant prayers, the more mundane listen to psychomusic through their skull implants. All are harnessed to their padded acceleration seats, sharpening their bayonets and turning the cargo hold into a forest of sharp and shining blades. In those moments prior to the clamour of battle, Sergeants smile with pious joy to encourage the rookies and hide their eagerness to fight and kill as soon as they jump off the vehicle.

Kurgat Regiment of Assault Engineers

In Morat military practice, engineers are soldiers specially trained to give immediate support to infantry operations, clearing obstacles and working in the front lines of combat. They can also repair machinery and damaged equipment, but a Morat engineer is still born to blow things up. The Kurgat are the truest exemplars of Morat assault engineering. They are a combat regiment, experts in strike techniques, whose mission is to assault and destroy fortified positions. They cover the advance of the rest of the Morat units, blowing up impeding structures and repulsing counter-attacks launched by the enemy. They are made up of true combatants, gifted with the sharp military attitude of warriors that embody the spearhead of their army. The brutality of their fast and devastating attacks is the key to their success. The Kurgat enter the battlefield carrying explosives, gear and the biggest guns available. They are easily identified by their appearance. They all sport scars telling the story of dangerous, direct combat situations, involving enemy fire and the continued blasting used to blow up their targets. The Kurgat firmly believe their scars have to be worn with pride as they are the medals of these storm troops. The scars are intimidating, telling an enemy that their bearer has confronted death and escaped victorious. Because of these characteristics, the regiment has a long tradition of hardness, having to take part in and win lots of Sotaraks. According to their unofficial motto, the Kurgat are always easy to find: they are on the section of the frontline with the most explosions, fire and smoke.

Carlota Kowalsky

Carlota Kowalsky can be defined as one hell of a Sergeant Major, a sharp genius who won’t tolerate silliness and is more than able to demolish any misogynist stereotype. She is a woman with an extra-planetary look who is used to wearing campaign clothes. She has a face that insinuates intriguing contrasts: narrow and very dark, with sharp features and high cheekbones, fruit of the most genuine Corregidor crossbreeding. However, her facial expression is one usually associated with that of Nomad elite professionals: calm, alert, intelligent and very competent. Despite her attractive appearance, Carlota is one of the boys, and, usually, far better than them. Her comrades and superiors respect her greatly because she is responsible and never shirks when it’s time to work and get her hands dirty. A veteran of several campaigns already, and as lethal as the best holding a weapon, she is the most qualified engineering and maintenance specialist in her unit. The mechanical skills of Carlota are especially useful when fixing Moriarty, the name she gives to each new Zondcat assigned to her when its predecessor is destroyed. Poor Moriarty is in its eighth incarnation so far, and while Carlota remains in active service, it’s not likely to be the last one.

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