New Releases - Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune and Highlander Caterans

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New Releases - Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune and Highlander Caterans

Post  Neil on Sun Feb 20 2011, 10:14

Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune

The name Shinobu Kitsune does not appear in any archive or database. It is a false name, an alias, a mere identification code. Shinobu Kitsune is not a real person, he does not exist. He is a Ninja. But not a simple stealth assassin, expert in martial arts. He is an Oniwaban. A master of spies, a kind of liaison officer who has under his charge a group of agents in a zone or specific territory, and is responsible for those troops before the clan leader. However, it is also believed that the Oniwaban carry out field missions, the most dangerous or those with the most responsibility. The Military Intelligence section of O-12 attributes to a certain “Kitsune S.” the acquisition of the greatest amount of classified material possessed by Yu Jing on the Combined Army of the EI. Apparently, this individual was intentionally captured by the Morat and kept prisoner by them for four months. During this time, he observed, analyzed, took notes, recorded and stole all the computer files from the detention center. After that, he escaped, travelling through thirty-five kilometers of Morat territory and eighty more of no man’s land, until making it to Yu Jing lines. Obviously, all this information is unbelievable, typical Yu Jing military propaganda; nobody is capable of such a deed. Nobody… like the Oniwaban that, like the Ninja, do not exist. Shinobu Kitsune is not real; he is no more than a smokescreen, a false name…

Highlander Caterans

The Caterans are discredited clan warriors. Veteran professional soldiers who, blinded by their ambition, have left the army to become bandits and highwaymen. Their targets are usually Teseum transports travelling from Caledonian mines and refineries towards Cossack or Merovingian territory. The Cateran combine their military experience with that of clan warfare. Specialists in mountain ambushes, they immobilize their enemies at long range, from hidden positions, from which they later emerge to finish them off at close range if necessary. Their illegal activities are especially harmful since they affect the economic lifeblood of Caledonia. However, these actions aren’t usually indiscriminate, as the Cateran keep their loyalty to their original clan, against which they will never act. At the same time, their clan rewards them by protecting them and hiring them out to engage in hostile acts against rival clans, in one of the many internecine conflicts and disputes of complex Caledonian politics. In this way, the Cateran can end up being recruited and integrated into any of the irregular regiments the clan provides for the defense of its territory, or of Ariadna itself. This service to the nation through the clan is a way of partially cleaning up their records, but not all of them are so loyal. There are always rogue elements who don’t recognize any authority other than money and who will work for anyone able to pay them. This is the reason why in Ariadna, Cateran is always a synonym for marauder and criminal.

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Re: New Releases - Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune and Highlander Caterans

Post  odinswolf on Sun Feb 20 2011, 11:00

argh stop showing me infinity models, they are so good, must resist.. must resist!

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Re: New Releases - Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune and Highlander Caterans

Post  Ironwolf on Sun Feb 20 2011, 12:15

i like the scots guys.. there they like an army of faction of cool looking jocks


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Re: New Releases - Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune and Highlander Caterans

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