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Helion IV campain thread Empty Helion IV campain thread

Post  Ironwolf on Wed Feb 23 2011, 09:38

so we now know what we are doing for the campain, so there has been a few questions asked,

What is the starting points limit?
400/500 points.

How is this going to escalate in points and at what stages?
im planing for the campaint to kick off in April, there will be a 2 months of games were it will be story driven, so show the attackers moving insystem.

How does the map system work?
the map will use the rules for the planet strike campain box, the more wins your faction gets the more conquest rolls you make, this will be done over a campain turn.

The campaign turn time frame?
there will be 5 campain turns, but i expect if one side kicks butt that it will end before then, the key to take the planet is to take the hives, once they call, the defenders will have one turn to retake one if not, game over.

Also how does the hole painting thing work
the painting thing is there for guys to paint there army over the course of the campain, you can still use your army unpainted if you wish this is not a rule for the campain, just something that some of the members want to do, it will work like this..
you need to paint a min of 1 unit per month
if you dont get your min unit dont then you need to post a joker, a joker is a pic of a clown or a joker card, up to you on what you use, but the funnyer the better.
you only get three jokers over the course of the campain, you can buy them back by painting more than one unit and posting them.

ok so over the next few weeks there will be storys posted here in this thread to start to get your self read for war, in the next few days i'll post the intro for the campain, were every one fits in and how its going to play out, read carefuly as there will be hints in the story about hiden objectives that will be up for grabs in the map based part of the campain. so arm your bolters and sharpen your claws Helion IV will die or live, its all in your hands


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