Greetings From Groat

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Greetings From Groat

Post  Groaty on Wed May 04 2011, 07:03


i Came down with Scott on Friday to scope out Arkham and found a haven of awesome.

My real name is Brett and im a 34 year old man child who collects toy soldiers to get a break from the real world. Been playing table top wargames since i was 14 and ive had a go at lots of them used to play mostly play Epic, WHFB and a bit of 40k had loads of undercoated minis and a few actually finished armies! affraid but then i got disillusioned with Gee Dubs offerings and flogged the lot on evilbay to buy my current obsession.

Lots of flames of war cheers , its a great game love it. I have Ton of Mid/late-war soviets a Normandy SS infantry company and Afrika Corps infantry are sitting on the painting stop is Viet-Nam for i too love the smell of napalm in the morning.

I have more Battletech books and minis than is healthy. Between me Scott and Ewan the other member of our group we can do games of any size and complexity from a lance sized scuffle to a multi Battalion planetary invasion. I hear you guys are getting into Btec i cant recomend it enough its great

I’m very interested in trying new mini games especially if they’re very tiny scale and have simple but clever rules (dont ask much do i). I’ve got 2 fleets for Victory at Sea Age of Dreadnoughts if anyone’s interested in trying a quick game with very tiny WW1 battleships and ive another rules set for modern warfare called battlefield evolution (but no minis for that yet).

Cheers hope to see you soon

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Re: Greetings From Groat

Post  Neil on Wed May 04 2011, 07:09

Welcome along dude, plenty of FOW players at Arkham and plenty of interest in battletech, call down some Wednesday night and say hello

I will introduce you to the other FOW (mad men) players

Neil (Neil)
AGC Head of Wargaming

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Re: Greetings From Groat

Post  odinswolf on Wed May 04 2011, 07:10

did someone mention modern forces? there has been a bit of interest in doing gulf war afghany stuff recently, I've just ordered the osprey force on force rulebook ( got a nice us air cav vietnam mini army painted and want to do more modern)

fow? yum yum, british army done (more to paint tho) and 50% germans done too

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Re: Greetings From Groat

Post  jb on Wed May 04 2011, 08:55

Welcome Brett

I've never played any historical wargames but were I ever to start WWI battleships would be high on the list of tempters...

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Re: Greetings From Groat

Post  cthulhubruce on Wed May 04 2011, 10:05

hello hello bring your toys bring your friends and give in to the child inside :-)

mmmm modern, phils bringing up my old table from larne which should be convertable to afganish fairly quick, skirmish sized at best though

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Re: Greetings From Groat

Post  Ironwolf on Thu May 05 2011, 00:41

hay dude happy you found us

i need to pm you my number as i put yours in my fone wrong

hope to see you down some time


Rick (Ironwolf)
AGC Secrets of the Third Reich Co-ordinator

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Re: Greetings From Groat

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