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Post  Lupercal on Mon May 17 2010, 22:28

Hi there and welcome to the Arkham Gaming Centre forums.

What you can see here is a reduced version of what our forum has to offer. There are many more sections available to registered members including:

The Arkham Members Area
This section contains general topics for members to chat about

Board & Card Games
For all things board gaming and card gaming, this is the place for you

We have LOADS of RPGs on the go at the minute including Call of Cthulhu, Dark Heresy, Warhammer Fantasy, D&D and many more.

Tabletop wargaming of various kinds are discussed here

Painting, Converting & Modelling
Show off your skills at painting, coverting and model building in this section

There is also a section for non-gaming related chat that includes books, movies, music, podcasts and more

So sign up today and you'll get much more enjoyment.

Thanks for looking,
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