Daniel (a.k.a Grugni)

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Daniel (a.k.a Grugni)

Post  grugni on Mon May 31 2010, 20:07

Yo Dudes

The name is Daniel and I live in Letterkenny Donegal, its a bit away from Larne but hopefully some weekend shortly myself and some of the guys I game with will go on a road trip up to meet you all.

My username grugni is the name of my 1st ever D&D character who my DM simply could not kill no matter what he threw at him (I love dwarfs). I have been playing 40k (BA, crons & Nids) on and off for the last 10 years and have recently taken up Warhammer Fantasy (VC) and Battlefleet Gothic(Crons).

Hopefully see you guys shortly

Later Dudes!!!!

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Re: Daniel (a.k.a Grugni)

Post  Lupercal on Tue Jun 01 2010, 00:24

Hey Daniel. Welcome to the Arkham forum. Big Grin

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Re: Daniel (a.k.a Grugni)

Post  Guncutter on Tue Jun 01 2010, 02:04

Welcome! Smile

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Re: Daniel (a.k.a Grugni)

Post  weeivor on Tue Jun 01 2010, 02:36

By Grungi you are indeed welcome Daniel.

If you and a few friends are coming down let us know and we can organise something special for that weekend.


Ivor (weeivor)
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Re: Daniel (a.k.a Grugni)

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