How do I become a member of Arkham Gaming Centre?

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How do I become a member of Arkham Gaming Centre?

Post  Guest on Thu Apr 01 2010, 23:07

From March 1st, Arkham Gaming Centre's new membership structure will be as follows;

Users of AGC will either be a visitor or a member. Visitors will pay £3 per visit, whilst a membership of AGC will be £49 and will last for one calendar year. Monthly memberships are being phased out.

By becoming a member of AGC, as well as supporting and being part of the development of the club, you will get the following benefits;

* 15% discount on all stock (excluding items already discounted to clear)
* Five free 'bring a friend' passes: bring a friend with no entry fee (pass is redeemed upon use)
* Referral bonus: Refer a friend for new membership and recieve a £10 gift voucher (see terms and conditions below)
* 20% discount on all stock purchased from AGC at a convention where we have a trade stall (as a thank you for helping boost our profile at cons)
* Monthly member bonus: The first week of each month will see a different range of products being offered at 20% discount for members. Occassionally we'll have a poll in advance for members to decide on which range it will be.

Terms and conditions for referral bonus: The referred member must not have previously been a monthly or yearly member of AGC. The member referring someone will recieve a £10 gift voucher which can be used on or towards any product purchase but not towards membership (note that the gift vouchers we have do say "valid for payment of membership" because they were printed before this scheme).

The reason this is starting on March 1st is to allow any questions or issues to be raised about the new structure, and for any changes to be made if necessary.

Anyone who is currently a yearly member will recieve all the above benefits from March 1st, including the 'bring a friend' passes.

Regular monthly members who expire before March 1st can pay membership for the remainder of the month pro-rata to the £10 per month membership fee.

Becoming a member is simple - sign up by completing a membership form at the centre and you'll be issued with a pass.

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Re: How do I become a member of Arkham Gaming Centre?

Post  Guest on Thu Jun 17 2010, 04:08

You can now also sign up for membership online, at this link;

or by clicking on 'AGC Membership' on the right hand side just below the logo at the top of the screen.

Once you have submitted your details, simply send the membership fee (£10 or £95) by paypal to

Any questions or queries, please email on the same email address above.


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